Our business was established by private individuals as a limited liability company on June 9, 2005. Our profile is Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing services (MEP), which we provide both to industry clients and private individuals. Also, we carry out various planning, design, construction and maintenance work. Our professionals in the field of heating, water & gas installation as well as HVAC and other crafts have great expertise and experience. They have access to all the tools and equipment required.


We have a 3-year warranty for the work we carry out, and we provide the same warranty for the high-quality materials we use as their manufacturers. We also provide maintenance services for our customers. So, if you sign a maintenance contract with us, there is also a possibility to extend the warranty period.


Our company considers environmental protection extremely important. In all phases of implementation, we prefer using the most environment-friendly technologies and tools, bearing the preservation of the environment in mind.


We use only high-quality products suitable for modern technologies which meet today's standards both from a technical aspect and a professional point of view.


  • MÉTA Rt. Establishment
  • Budavidék zRt. Maintenance and renovation of catering and service units as well as halls.
  • Műszerautomatika Kft. Office Buildings I & II in Budaörs
  • Budapest Business College Central Heating System
  • Residential Parks in Dunakeszi, Érd and Budapest
  • 45-unit apartment building in Siófok
  • 22-unit condominium in Budapest
  • BMW Saloon, Szentendrei Road, Budapest
  • S.E. Dentistry Education Centre – Cooling System Design
  • Friedmann Cake Shop in Budaörs
  • BÁV Zrt. Business Premises
  • Gallery


    Building Installation

    Professional implementation, design and expansion of complete water, gas, heating and cooling systems for apartments, detached houses, condominiums, offices and public buildings.

    Repair and Maintenance

    CRepair, installation and replacement of taps, siphons, toilet tanks, washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, toilets, sinks and boilers. Replacement of radiators, valves, pipes, furnaces, pumps, heating manifolds, combination space/water heaters, air vents and expansion tanks.


    Air handling and ventilation installation, Installation of industrial kitchens, Piping installation, Building maintenance, Drilling into concrete and reinforced concrete structures (floors, walls) using diamond core drills

    Renewable Energy

    Design and implementation of solar thermal systems (for domestic hot water, backup heating or both), Connecting buffer and hot water tanks to solar systems, Pool or hot tub backup heating


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